Wellhealth MD

“A Corporate Wellness Solution”

Our medical system is reactively designed for sickness care instead of preventive care.  WellHealth MD focuses on keeping people healthy and taking a proactive approach to managing good health.


Did You  Know?

  • $73.1 billion is the estimated cost of obesity in the U.S.
  • 51% of America’s population is pre-diabetic
  • 41% of Americans have high cholesterol
  • 37% of Americans have high blood pressure
  • 34% of working adults have metabolic syndrome
  • 17% of children and adolescents between 2-19 are obese

Metabolic Syndrome is a collection of five risk factors that dramatically increases your chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, depression, a stroke, cancer, and a number of other serious medical conditions.  People with metabolic syndrome have higher medical costs, year after year, whether they have a medical event or not.  So why not test for metabolic syndrome, and do what you can to decrease your number of risk factors?

Our Three Step Approach Works:

      1.) Develop and maintain a company WellHealth MD score that is independent of the insurance provider.
      2.) Establish company specific goals and strategies to improve WellHealth MD score and individual risk factors.
      3.) Integrate WellHealth MD score to reduce human capital costs.
      For more- check out www.wellhealthmd.com!