Presidio Foundation & Utah State University

October 18th, 2016

This year, The Presidio Foundation is working with Utah State University to offer a scholarship to a deserving student, who is also a child of a veteran.  We wanted to be able to help veterans and their families, and what better way than to help them receive a quality college education!

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Olivia Flores was awarded the scholarship, and we look forward to working with and getting to know Olivia better over the course of the next few years.  Below is the letter she wrote after she was awarded the scholarship:

“Dear Presidio Foundation,

Thank you for making the “Presidio Foundation Children of Veterans Scholarship” possible.  As a student at Utah State University (USU) I am studying environmental studies.  My goal is to earn either an environmental law degree, or become certified in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  Being NEPA certified will allow me to work with engineering firms to analyze their impact on the environment and the cost to our natural resources.  This will allow me to help minimize the human impact on our natural world preserving it for future generations.

I knew my family was dedicated to serve in our US armed forces, however I was unaware of how many served and at what levels.  As I listened to my grandparents, uncles, and cousins share tales of their enlistment I could not help feeling proud and humble.  My volunteer commitment to you fails in comparison to their sacrifice.  I have committed myself to head the veteran portion of Uncommon Collective’s, a service organization at Utah State University, “Changing Faith Raising Hope” event this fall.  The event’s primary goal is to raise awareness for underrepresented groups in America, focusing on veterans, the importance of education, suicide awareness, and homelessness to name a couple topics being represented at this event.

I will be working with the USU Veteran Resource Office, and the Veteran Student Association to set up an information booth at the “Changing Faith and Raising Hope” event.  As part of the event there will be an art show and music commemoration followed by s series of recorded interviews.  I will be working with veterans to share their stories through these interviews and have chosen recorded interviews to give our participants the ability to freely share their experiences.

In November, USU will be holding it’s annual USU Veteran’s Day event.  I will also be working with the Veteran Student Association to plan and organize this event for the Cache Valley and USU communities.

Once again, thank you for making this scholarship possible.  It will allow me to focus my time on veteran cultural events, Uncommon Collective programs, and my studies with less financial stress.  It is also nice to know that in the years to come this scholarship will be able to help others just like me pursue their own community service and education.


Olivia Flores”

Olivia- we are honored to be able to present this scholarship to you, and look forward to seeing your success in the future!  We applaud you for your efforts both in your studies and your volunteering.